About me

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona

If you have arrived at this webpage, you will want to know who Celia Alba is. I am a PhD in Linguistics, a Speech Therapist and a Science Popularizer. After spending some years as a researcher and teaching in the University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University, I am currently working as a Speech Therapist at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital treating patients with acquired brain damage. This means that I help people who have difficulties in expressing themselves or in understanding others because some form of brain damage has affected their linguistic faculty, their larynx, or other organs involved in articulating language. This job poses a new challenge every day and is teaching me a lot. I am very happy working at the hospital.

The brain dome, central piece of the Talking Brains exhibition at CosmoCaixa
The brain dome at the Talking Brains exhibition at CosmoCaixa

During the last few years at the University Pompeu Fabra I specialized in content creation for museum exhibitions. I even founded a company devoted to science popularization called InMedulla Continguts. When my passion for language met my passion for science popularization an exhibition crystallized: Talking Brains. I first came out with the idea, together with three other linguists, and later I developed it completely, together with a greater team, for the Science Museum in Barcelona, Cosmocaixa. The exhibition was held for almost a year in that museum and portrayed language from a biological perspective, from the perspective of the brain. Later on, the exhibition started its own journey and travelled to other museums.

I have not quit completely from university nor research. I work as a professor at UNED and, at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, I collaborate in a Horizon 2020 European project for developing a gamified app for Speech Therapy purposes that is meant to ensure the continuity of assistance at home. The project is called ACADOM and the app is called Blapp.

If you think we can collaborate, do not hesitate in contacting me. Here you can see my LinkedIn profile. If you want me to send you my full CV, contact me here.