About me

If you have arrived at this webpage, you will want to know who Celia Alba is. I am a science popularizer and script writer living in Barcelona. My specialty is creating contents for museum exhibitions. This means that I think of the script and of the museographic elements that illustrate the story the script is telling. It cannot be done alone: teaming up with professionals from many disciplines (graphic designers, architects or programmers) is essential. I combine this multidisciplinar creative task with a close communication with the scientists that will endorse what is said at every point.

Universitat de Barcelona

As is the case of many science popularizers, my profile is the result of having visited many different disciplines along my path. I have a PhD in Linguistics with a Master’s in Cognitive Science, I am a speech therapist and have studied special needs education. My dissertation was the first formal analysis of wh-questions (who, what, when…) in Catalan Sign Language (LSC), and it presented two studies that explored the differences in working memory in signers and speakers of spoken languages.

I have worked as a researcher and as professor at the University of Barcelona and at the Pompeu Fabra University for ten years, combining positions as a research assistant and grants. In parallel, I had a videoblog on formal syntax where I could express my creative side.

Oriol Borrega i Celia Alba

In 2016, just after obtaining my PhD, I co-founded the firm In Medulla Continguts with my partner Oriol Borrega (we still have some issues deciding who is Batman and who is Robin). It was a company dedicated to the communication and popularization of contents and science. We put together the contents of several exhibitions and did other dissemination works. Some of the most important institutions we worked with are the Science Museum of Barcelona (CosmoCaixa), the CERN at Geneva, the Telefonica Foundation or the University of Barcelona.

Because my background is diverse (I also studied music, singing and voice therapy), I can be versatile and creative in the projects I undertake. In few words, I have the ability to explain complicated things in a fresh, innovative, easy way. You can contact me here if you are interested in getting my full résumé.