If you are wondering if we can collaborate, you will find this examples of services I offer useful:

  • Scripting of scientific and humanistic contents for videos, comic books, educational texts and, of course, exhibitions. For instance: a script for an audiovisual on humpwhales for a wide audience.
  • Writing of texts for exhibitions, books or webpages. For instance: wall texts for an exhibition on robotics. I can write in Spanish, Catalan and English, and I can coordinate the task of translators and proofreaders when necessary.
  • Gamification of dissemination projects in sciences and humanities. For instance: scripting for an interactive multimedia for a museum or for an app.
  • Coordination of events and exhibition projects. For instance: management of rights for audiovisual works, coordination of professional teams, conference organization.

If you are still don’t know if you can comission your project to me, send me a message. Rest assured that if I feel I am not the person to take care of it, I will tell you.

Doing a guided visit to the uterus of a pregnant woman