UNED building in Barcelona

I am joining the UNED

This year I have joined the UNED (National Distance Education University) as a tutor of the subjects Morfología de la lengua española (Spanish Morphology) and Comentario de texto (Text Analysis). I have a special affection for this university. First of all, because they have always treated me wonderfully in the past (like when I taught this workshop). But also – and I did not realize this until I began to collaborate with them – because it takes me back to childhood, when I saw how my mother took subjects from a second degree. As a child I accompanied her many times to classes at the UNED, such as philosophy of language, a subject that many years later, ironies of life, I would end up taking myself. So, my crush has asked me on a date and I am happy as a dog with two tails. Wish me luck.