And, suddenly, I am a doctor

There. If somebody asks out loud Is there a doctor in the room? I can rise my hand now. With the kick, I might even find it in me to perform a mouth-to-mouth ressuscitation. For those of you who don’t know what a dissertation or a PhD are, I’d tell you that it’s dedicating four year of your life (with luck) to an extremely narrow topic which ends up cristalizing as some publications and a defense in front of a committee. It’s like telling the scientific community: Hey, dudes, I discovered this. I am ready to become a researcher.

My dissertation is now published and I defended it to get a cum laude. There were a lot of people who are very close to me at the event (my parents, my partner and his family, and some dear friends), and my advisors, department colleagues, linguists I admire a lot, some late comers that just saw the announcment in the University webpage and, of course, the committee. Besides what I did well or bad in the defense, and besides the quality of my work of the last 5 years, the occasion was the celebration of the ending of a vital period. Among academicisms, emotions and solemnity it was difficult to take in that, just a few days before, I was losing my mind in front of a computer to finish a seemingly neverending task. And then, suddenly, I am a doctor.

Thanks a lot to all who have endured my nervous wrecks during all this time. You know who you are and how much you have done.